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About TSFA

Telugu Short Film Awards (TSFA) stands as a distinctive short film festival pioneered by Kalaraj Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. in 2018.

TSFA serves as a catalyst, nurturing emerging talent within the realm of filmmaking by bestowing accolades, incentives, and honours. Annually, the festival orchestrates grandiose awards ceremonies that celebrate the creativity and dedication of these burgeoning filmmakers.

Recognizing the potential of today’s aspiring filmmakers is pivotal; their nurturance today could culminate in the filmmakers of tomorrow. TSFA remains at the vanguard of this movement, diligently scouting for talents among those who submit their films for consideration. The festival not only offers a platform to showcase their works but also bestows awards and rewards, acknowledging and inspiring their creative journeys. By fostering an environment that champions creativity and innovation, TSFA continues to uphold its commitment to fostering and promoting the promising talents shaping the future of cinema.


TSFA aspires to recognize and nurture budding talent within the realm of filmmaking by establishing exceptional film festival platforms that inspire and empower young filmmakers. Our vision is to create impactful opportunities that foster creativity, elevate storytelling, and ignite the passion of emerging talents, thereby shaping the future of the cinematic landscape.


As an exceptional film festival, TSFA provides an ideal platform for aspiring short filmmakers to showcase their latent talent. TSFA has embraced the following mission objectives:

  • Identify the unique talent within the field. 
  • Offering encouragement through recognition 
  • Inspiring technical perspectives and supporting casts to advance to the next level in their careers. 
  • Motivating filmmakers to explore new facets of filmmaking. 
  • Inviting filmmakers and celebrities from various states, fostering engagement and interaction with emerging talents. 


TSFA stands out among India’s multitude of film festivals due to several distinctive characteristics:
  • Initiated by a dedicated team comprising filmmakers, advertising experts, and media professionals, TSFA embodies a passion-driven endeavour to celebrate cinematic artistry.
  • Organized by Kalaraj Media & Entertainment since its inception in 2018, the festival has remarkably expanded its horizons year after year, solidifying its reputation.
  • Earning its place as one of India’s prestigious film festivals, TSFA prides itself on fostering filmmaking talent worldwide with an unwavering commitment to impartiality.
  • Each year, the festival takes center stage at prominent venues, graced by the presence of esteemed film celebrities, distinguished guests, and an enthusiastic audience, creating an electrifying atmosphere.
  • Winners at TSFA receive more than just accolades; they are presented with specially framed Certificate Citations and meticulously crafted Awards by renowned film celebrities, amplifying their recognition.
  • While initially focused on Telugu cinema, TSFA has transcended boundaries, captivating filmmakers from diverse linguistic backgrounds globally. This evolution has transformed it into a truly international film festival.
  • Notably, many recipients of awards in previous editions have ascended to become accomplished and successful filmmakers within the industry, a testament to the festival’s ability to identify and foster talent.
  • TSFA distinguishes itself through its unparalleled creativity in event organization, infusing each aspect with innovation and ingenuity to create an unforgettable and enriching experience for all participants.

The Process of TSFA

The TSFA Process is meticulously crafted to provide a comprehensive and enriching experience for filmmakers:
  • Online Registration for Entries: TSFA initiates the process by inviting entries through online registration on its official website, ensuring a seamless and accessible pathway for filmmakers globally to showcase their creations.
  • Celebrity Engagement: The festival actively invites celebrities to participate in interactions during the film festival, providing a unique opportunity for filmmakers to engage with established figures in the industry, gaining insights and inspiration.
  • Curation and Screening of Quality Films: TSFA meticulously curates a selection of exceptional films, offering a platform for their screening during the festival. This curation process ensures that audiences experience a diverse and high-quality array of cinematic creations.
  • Inspiring Filmmakers Through Recognition: The festival’s core ethos lies in inspiring filmmakers by recognizing their talent through prestigious awards and rewarding their dedication. These accolades serve as catalysts for their creative journeys.
  • World-Class Standards in Event Execution: TSFA upholds world-class standards in every facet of its events, from organization to execution. This commitment ensures that each festival is a benchmark of excellence in the realm of short filmmaking celebrations.
  • Pioneering a Unique Filmmaker Platform: Through its initiatives, TSFA pioneers a unique and innovative platform specifically designed for filmmakers. This platform serves as a launching pad, fostering creativity, collaboration, and growth within the filmmaking community.

Our Team

Marri Srinivas

Marri Srinivas

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    Dr. Indaram Srinivas

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      Praveen Kumar Machavaram



        The esteemed jury assembled for the Telugu Short Film Awards (TSFA) - 2023 comprises accomplished individuals hailing from diverse backgrounds in filmmaking, journalism, media, advertising, and the corporate sphere. Their collective expertise and discerning eye play a pivotal role in meticulously evaluating and presenting the array of multilingual film submissions received from across the globe during this prestigious film festival. Their commitment to impartiality ensures that each entry receives fair consideration, contributing to the celebration and recognition of outstanding cinematic talent on an international scale.

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